Military IssueSerial Numbers

1911 with extra magazine


My apologies but I don't own any Military 1911s so I posted a picture of one of my 70 Series Commercial guns.

Back in 1980 I purchased one of the Remington Rand guns listed here. On the second day I owned it I experienced my one and only accidental discharge. Thank goodness there was no injury to life or limb and very little property damage. On day three I sold it with full disclosure about the incident.

The rarest is the 1942 Singer Sewing Machine gun.

The Singer Sewing Machine company manufactured only 500 guns. It is not known how many still exist today but if you are one of the lucky owners of one of these guns, you know what a prize you have.

The serial numbers here are for Government Issue guns. If you have a Commercial gun, you will find those numbers here.


Description Range
Colt 1-500
Colt USN 501-1000
Colt 1001-1500
Colt USN 1501-2000
Colt 2001-2500
Colt USN 2501-3500
Colt USMC 3501-3800
Colt 3801-4500
Colt USN 4501-5500
Colt 5501-6500
Colt USN 6501-7500
Colt 7501-8500
Colt USN 8501-9500
Colt 9501-10500
Colt USN 10501-11500
Colt 11501-12500
Colt USN 12501-13500
Colt 13501-17250


Description Range
Colt 17251-36400
Colt USM 36401-37650
Colt 37651-38000
Colt USM 38001-44000
Colt 44001-60400


Description Range
Colt 60401-72570
Springfield Armory 72571-83855
Colt 83856-83900
Colt USM 83901-84400
Colt 84401-96000
Colt 96001-97537
Colt 97538-102596
Springfield Armory 102597-107596


Description Range
Colt 107597-109500
Colt USN 109501-110000
Colt 110001-113496
Springfield Armory 113497-120566
Colt 120567-125566
Springfield Armory 125567-133186


Description Range
Colt 133187-137400


Description Range
Colt 137401-151186
Colt USMC 151187-151986
Colt 151987-185800
Colt USMC 185801-186200
Colt 186201-209586
Colt USMC 209587-210386
Colt 210387-215386
Colt USMC 215387-216186
Colt 216187-216586
Colt USMC 216587-216986


Description Range
Colt USMC 216987-217386
Colt 217387-232000
Colt USN 232001-233600
Colt 233601-594000
Remington USMC 1-13152


Description Range
Remington USMC 13153-21676
Colt 594001-629500
Unaccounted for 629501-700000


Description Range
Colt 700001-710000


Description Range
Colt 710001-712349


Description Range
Colt 712350-713645


Description Range
Colt 713646-717281


Description Range
Colt 717282-721977


Description Range
Colt 721978-756733


Description Range
Colt 756734-800000
Singer Sewing Machine S800001-S800500
Colt 800501-801000


Description Range
Colt 801001-958100
Union Switch & Signal Co. 958101-1088725
Colt 1088726-1208673
Ithaca Gun Co. 1208674-1279673
Renumbering at arsenals 1279674-1279698
Remington-Rand 1279699-1441430
Ithaca Gun Co. 1441431-1471430
Remington-Rand 1471431-1609528


Description Range
Colt 1609529-1743846
Ithaca Gun Co. 1743847-1890503
Remington-Rand 1890504-2075103


Description Range
Ithaca Gun Co. 2075104-2134403
Remington-Rand 2134404-2244803
Colt 2244804-2380013
Remington-Rand 2380014-2619013
Ithaca Gun Co. 2619014-2693613

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If you have any one of these firearms with documented history, you have a treasure. Provenance can add greatly to the value of any gun.

Semi Autos

.380 caliber, baby 1911 - DOM 1992, real factory mop.

For more than 100 years the Colt Government Model 1911 has been without challenge the most ...

Pair of .380's, 24kt gold plated, fully engraved with mother of pearl.

Slightly smaller than a Government Model, with the barrel length reduced from 5" to 3.5".

The 1968 Gun Control Act stopped the importation of these guns.

The Pocket Hammerless was produced from 1903 to 1945. My gun is a .32 caliber.

This .25 Vest Pocket Model N was made in 1916.

From the CollectionRevolvers

a 1950 colt .32 detective special

Made in 1950, this gun is chambered in the .32 New Police cartridge (.32 S&W Long).
Colt Peacemaker

The Colt Single Action Army - this is a first generation gun.
1962 Colt Python

Pythons produced from 1955 to 1969 have no letter in the serial number and are some of the most desirable to collectors.
1965 Colt Python

A Python with a 2" barrel was on my wish list for a long time until just the right one came along.
Detective Special

One of the most well known and most copied guns in the world.
S&W Chiefs Special

The Model 60 is small and very easy to conceal. This gun was used by one of the government services.
Colt Cobra

It was an earlier version of this gun Jack Ruby used to kill Lee Harvey Oswald.
1968 Colt Python

The Colt Python is considered by many to be one of the most accurate handguns in the world.
Ruger .22 Single Six

Ruger Single Six Flat Gate. Guns with the flat loading gate were made only four years (1953-1957).

From the CollectionRifles

sauer rifle

Bolt Action, 30.06 caliber, 24" bbl., magazine capacity 3 or 4 rounds.

Lever Action, 30.30 caliber, saddle gun.

This Savage Model 24J O/U Combination Gun is a .22 Magnum Rifle and .410 Gauge Shotgun combined.