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Protecting your long gun, as many firearms users know, requires a specialty gun case that is designed to meet all current law-enforcement requirements. In fact, there is a huge selection of well-engineered long gun cases available online at top sporting goods websites with various prices depending on the type of case you are looking for to safety store your firearm.

While most long gun cases are airtight, dust proof and crush proof, there are others that feature such things as automatic pressure equalization and special locks. The best advice from longtime military gun experts is to find the case that best fits your lifestyle and usage.

Leg-O-Mutton Style Case Soft Shell

Leg-O-Mutton Style Case Soft Shell - If you're like me, once you've tried one of these Leg-O-Mutton style cases, you will prefer it to the long case.

Another aspect of gun cases is related to protection issues. For instance, some gun owners want total protection in the cases they use while others simply want a case that can carry their gun both effectively and efficiently for sport or short travel usage. Every year, there seems to be stories from gun owners commenting online about how their long gun was damaged due to a case that was not properly engineered to meet their needs.

Because of barrel length (most of my Trap guns are 32"), the best way and means to travel with them is by breaking them down and using a case designed to accomodate the gun in that state. Long guns also require specially made accessories and you require a place to store those items either inside or outside the carrying case.

The National Firearms Act states that a standard length of 16 inches or 40cm is the minimum length of a rifle while shotguns usually must have barrels that are at least 18 inches or 45cm long. Thus, a long gun comes in many different sizes and styles with traditional long guns falling into the shotgun, rifle, musket, carbines or wall gun classification. Gun owners must note the exact barrel length of their long gun when shopping around for a proper fitting case.

Leg-O-Mutton Style Case Hard Shell

Leg-O-Mutton Style Case Hard Shell - These cases require you to break-down the shotgun for storage during transport. If you think about it, it's probably better for the gun. The much shorter (smaller) package is more convenient and easier to handle and decreases the chance of bumping into things.

There are many testimonials from long gun owners online that explained the various features they appreciate or look for in a good case. For example, there are many gun owners like the push button lock feature that is available in various designs and styles. The push button lock feature is popular because it allows you to use your own combination, while key locks offer extra security at a time when gun owners want the best and safest means to protect against accidents involving kids or others opening the case.

There are long gun cases that feature: Locks that are also padlock compatible, Specialized pressure relief valves, Tarnish proof stainless steel coasted draw latches and construction, Cases that are both hard bodied and collapsible with comfortable grip handles for long hauls, Cases with watertight fit and latches that are reinforced so opening and closing your case is not problematic for a host of reasons, Cases with reinforced foam protection for travel by air when there is concern about damaged luggage and even Specialized case that open fully with a zipper and a built-in shooting mat that long gun sniper rifle fans seem to appreciate

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Overall, there's no better time to invest in that perfect long gun case that you've always wanted or admired because prices are very competitive and the selection of cases is just great online and in traditional gun and sports equipment stores.


Gun cases that are good for transporting long guns. For my single-barrel Trap guns, I like the leg-o-mutton style cases.
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