1965 Colt Python

Updated on August 12, 2013

.357 Magnum: This Colt Python was manufactured in 1965. It has a 2½" barrel and nickel finish.

The Colt Python is a .357 Magnum caliber revolver manufactured by Colt's Manufacturing Company of Hartford, Connecticut. The Colt Python is considered to be a premium American pistol. Along with the Colt Peacemaker it is considered to be one of the finest revolvers ever made by Colt. The Colt Python is a double action, large I-frame handgun chambered for the powerful .357 Magnum cartridge. Pythons have a reputation for superior fit & finish, accuracy, smooth trigger pull and a tight cylinder lock-up.

a 1965 colt python

This 1965 Colt Python has a 2½" barrel. Pictured with checkered walnut grips.

a shoulder holster with 1965 python

The Colt Python pictured with a shoulder holster.

colt python in shoulder holster laying on desk

The increase in production in 1964 indicates that the CNC machining process may have been introduced.

python handgun

CNC Machining Info Provided by Ron (Thank you Ron, very insightful)
"You made a statement that CNC machining had an impact on the possible quality or value of guns made after 1965. I have been in the CNC machining business since its introduction to the manufacturing industry. It really did not have much of an impact until the mid to late 70’s. Most machining was done on manual machines before that. One of the main reasons was the cost of the equipment and high degree of training to program and operate older CNC machines. Also they were highly unreliable. In the beginning, one needed to know a great deal about electronics just to keep them going. By 1980 they were very reliable, easy to program and produced very high quality components, much more so than a good machinist on a manual machine. So as far as quality of the parts in a Colt revolver: the ones produced on modern CNC machines were most likely superior to the older hand made versions.

I love your web site and hope it continues to grow."  Ron

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Toward the end of 1969 the letter "E" was added as a prefix to the serial number. In 1975 the letter "E" was moved to the end of the number, becoming a suffix. In 1978 and later other letters were used.

From the CollectionRevolvers

a 1950 colt .32 detective special

Made in 1950, this gun is chambered in the .32 New Police cartridge (.32 S&W Long).
Colt Peacemaker

The Colt Single Action Army - this is a first generation gun.
1962 Colt Python

Pythons produced from 1955 to 1969 have no letter in the serial number and are some of the most desirable to collectors.
1965 Colt Python

A Python with a 2" barrel was on my wish list for a long time until just the right one came along.
Detective Special

One of the most well known and most copied guns in the world.
S&W Chiefs Special

The Model 60 is small and very easy to conceal. This gun was used by one of the government services.
Colt Cobra

It was an earlier version of this gun Jack Ruby used to kill Lee Harvey Oswald.
1968 Colt Python

The Colt Python is considered by many to be one of the most accurate handguns in the world.
Ruger .22 Single Six

Ruger Single Six Flat Gate. Guns with the flat loading gate were made only four years (1953-1957).

Serial NumberTable

The first 99,999 Pythons that had no letter in the serial number. Tables for later Pythons can be found here.

Begin Serial Number End Serial Number Yearly
1955 1 299 299
1956 300 1649 1,350
1957 1650 5549 3,900
1958 5550 7049 1,500
1959 7050 9099 2,050
1960 9100 13099 4,000
1961 13100 18799 5,700
1962 18800 24799 6,000
1963 24800 30799 6,000
1964 30800 41399 10,600
1965 41400 50499 9,100
1966 50500 60999 10,500
1967 61000 73799 12,800
1968 73800 89999 15,200
1969 90000 99999 10,000