Savage Model 24J
Model 24J Over/Under .410/.22 Mag Combination Gun


The best of both worlds combined in one! This Savage Combination gun is chambered for the .22 Magnum in the top barrel and 3" .410 shells in the bottom barrel. The barrel selector switch is on the hammer. The double barrel O/U pictured with a Remington #6 3" .410 gauge shotgun shell and a .22 Magnum rifle cartridge. Now this is a utility gun.

The receiver is engraved with a Fox on the left side and a Flying Pheasant on the right side. This gun is light weight and short enough to handle well in the woods and thick brush while rabbit hunting with my beagle.

a savage combination 410 and 22
a savage combination 410 and 22
a savage combination 410 and 22
a savage combination 410 and 22

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Bolt Action, 30.06 caliber, 24" bbl., magazine capacity 3 or 4 rounds.

Lever Action, 30.30 caliber, saddle gun.

This Savage Model 24J O/U Combination Gun is a .22 Magnum Rifle and .410 Gauge Shotgun combined.

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