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Am I a gun nut or fanatic? No. I'm a Veteran, an NRA Life Member, but more importantly, I'm a law-abiding citizen that promotes responsible gun ownership, safety and education. I hold a C & R (Curios and Relics) License from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. I also maintain a gun permit.

shotgun and hunting vest

I firmly believe that we must have laws that govern the sale, ownership and use of firearms. Our laws should be reasonable and we should enforce those laws. I realize that everyone has their own opinion about what laws we should have and I won't go into that any further than to say that the public welfare should be protected. After all, I feel the Second Amendment is about exactly that, the public welfare.

Publishing this website is just a hobby for me and it comes with considerable expense to do it right. In the past, I monetized the site with advertisements and actually earned enough revenue to pay all of the costs associated with it. It was October 7, 2019 that I received notice from the very large and well known entity that provided those paid advertisements that they would begin to show less gun-related ads. That is when I immediately undertook this rework to just go ahead and preemptively show none of their ads.

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Examples From My


1952 Colt Detective Special


A 1952 Colt Detective Special .32, unfired since it left the factory. I paid $750 for it during the Obama years.

Autauga Arms 32 semi-automatic handgun


The Autauga Arms Mk II .32 was manufactured from 1996 to 2000. A total of 3,200 guns were produced.

1965 Colt 12 Gauge Semi-Automatic Shotgun


The Colt Custom Auto 12 Gauge. Colt contracted with Franchi for 5,000 guns made in Italy from 1962 to 1966.

A Little Gun History

Another John Moses Browning Creation

John Browning had contracts with Colt and F.N. and this is why the Baby Browning was not imported to the U.S. until 1954, even though it had been in production for twenty-five years or so. Colt stopped producing the vest pocket .25 pistols and got out of that market in 1953.

  • The 1968 Gun Control Act

    The 1968 Gun Control Act (signed by President Johnson on October 22, 1968 in the wake of the King and Kennedy assassinations) prohibited the importation of these guns. The funny thing is, Kennedy was shot with an Iver Johnson (American made gun) and King was assassinated with a Remington 760 Gamemaster rifle (also American made). With the American market cut-off, F.N. produced far fewer guns from 1969 to 1979, for export to other countries like Spain. Some of these guns are showing up in the U.S. recently.

baby browning

1968 Browning 6.35mm (or .25 caliber to us Americans) was made by Fabrique Nationale (F.N.) in Belgium.

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